Vitel Wireless | Offering The Best Pre-Paid Wireless Plans

 Refer and Earn…


Vitel pays your phone bill! 

Just Get 3 = Free Service for Life starting today!

So what’s the big deal about Vitel and how are we paying our customers and reps?

Vitel is changing lives while also making history in the Pre-paid wireless industry!

Unlimited Take, Text & Data (Internet)
Get FREE Images to Land Line
International calling is ONLY $0.01 per minute
Mobile web Unlimited Talk
Unlimited Long Distance
Unlimited Texting
Unlimited Voicemail
Unlimited Caller ID
Unlimited Call Waiting
Unlimited 3-way Calling
Unlimited Mobile Web ?

Please watch my Vitel Wireless video

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service

Why care when you’ll get Free service when Vitel is going to pay your bill if you are a customer that gathers just five other customers, or if you become a Vitel rep and gather only three customers that get you free service for life?!

Does it get any better than Free! Free! Free!

Our team is the best in the business and really rockin’ the boat in the industry!

We’re solid! And to top off that, Vitel is going to pay you good money!

Vitel is the next generation of mobile phones and the mobile phone industry!

Join the best in Vitel Team Today and let Vitel pay your next phone bill and for years to come!


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Don’t forget to ask about our “Tools for Business Success” that can take ANY business in any industry to the TOP!

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Wishing you the best in life and in saving a fortune,

Bob Ullman

603-888-7788 EDT

Skype:  bobullman





Disclaimer:   Be advised that I am a former Lightyear Wireless rep.  My blog will currently feature Vitel information only.


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    Looking forward to talking wth u soon, Bob… Liked the webinar tonight

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